Adult Program

Adult Program

We offer four programs for the 18-20 year old course. We also offer adult behind-the-wheel instruction that will accommodate any schedule. Our experienced instructors will help seniors brush up on their skills as well as teach new adult drivers the rules of the road. The prices start at $60 per hour, but we have packages that lower that price per hour. We drive at all times of the day and even weekends. We will pick you up and drop you off at home as long as you live in our area. We will try to overcome any language barriers upon request.

We offer free home pick-up and drop-off services for your behind-the-wheel lessons.

We also offer the use of our car for testing at the DMV for a fee of $100.

Online Adult Program Adult Driving Lessons

** Driving lessons for adults of all ages

Program 8: (6) Hour Behind-the-Wheel only – $330.00
Program 9: (8) Hour Behind-the-Wheel only – $400.00
Program 10: (10) Hour Behind-the-Wheel only – $480.00
Program 11: (12) Hour Behind-the-Wheel only – $570.00

** Effective 2/1/19 **

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